Integrative counselling looks different in every therapeutic relationship, because each therapist brings their own experiences and perspectives to the encounter, and because the model focuses to meet the needs of each individual. 

I am specialised in applying relevant techniques in a complimentary way, as well as thinking about my client’s process, help make sense of what is happening for you with a holistic approach. 

Like all talking therapy, the relationship between the therapist and client is paramount therefore, it is essential you feel comfortable working with me to achieve the desired outcome. Sometimes, this is not possible therefore, we can explore suitable alternative. 

I provide a thorough initial assessment to determine if my clients are suited for the therapy and guide them to a suitable therapy for them if necessary.  My main core value is to do no harm, therefore doing an onward referral is at my client's best interest, to help them in their self journey.  Choosing an unsuitable therapy or therapist may end up as a negative experience and deter you from seeking future help.  Not all therapies and therapist are suitable for every client, therefore it is key you find the one suitable for you.

Main Benefits of Integrative Counselling:

  • It is a flexible and dynamic approach, which can suit a wide range of clients. 

  • It allows the Counsellor to consider the clients narrative and create a model that is tailored for them and not the theory to the client. 

  • It is suitable for clients who favour a mixture of behavioural and relational approaches.

Integrative counselling can incorporate some or all theoretical perspectives, to help clients engage with the process of personal integration.  Please also check out "My approach page" to get a better understanding of my practice.